Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Chapter Nine: Enabling the Organization - Decision Making

There are reason for growth of decision making information system :
  • people need to analyze large amount of information
  • people must make decision quickly
  • people must apply sophisticated analysis technique
  • people must protect corporate asset of organizational  information

Transaction Processing System

Moving up thru organizational pyramid users move from requiring transactional information to analytical information.

Decision Support System
Model information to support managers & business professionals during the decision-making process.

DSS used three quantitative models that are :- sensitivity analysis, what-if analysis and goal seeking analysis.

Interaction between DSS and TPS 


Executive Information System (EIS: a specialized DSS that supports senior level executives within the organization.

EIS offering capabilities :
1. consolidation
2. drill down
3. slice-and-dice


Interaction between TPS and EIS

Digital dashboard

~integrates info from multiple components and presents it in unified display 

example of dashboard

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
*ultimate goal is ability to build a system that can mimic human intelligence

*intelligent system - various commercial applications of artificial intelligence

*artificial intelligence - simulates human intelligence such as ability to reason and learn

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